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April 18th, 2014

By and far, the best place to find and purchase area rugs of all shapes and sizes is online at one of the popular auction houses like eBay. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got a local area rug retailer that has a great selection then chances are that will be the best deal around. But if you’re looking for something a little different or don’t have a local area rug outlet, take a few minutes to browse through online auctions for area rugs.

You just never know what you’re going to find. Even though I live in the fourth largest city of the United States, and chances are good that I’d be able to find some nice area rugs at local shops, it’s still easier and more efficient to shop on eBay.

I like to do location specific searches on eBay to find sellers that live in my area. For larger items this can be nice if the seller allows local pick up. Then you don’t even have to worry about the additional shipping charges, which can be one of the least attractive aspects of online shopping.

Even if you cannot locate a seller that accepts local pick up, many times the bargains you fid are so good that they offset the cost of shipping, and then some. Like anything else, if you take a little time to do some comparison shopping you’re likelier to find just the kind of deal that will fit your budget while walking away with and area rug that is just perfect for your home or office.

Since I’m always online window shopping when I get bored and need a break from work, I had to come up with a way to curb my online shopping habit. What I like to do is search for the item I’m interested in, but then order the search results from lowest to highest price. I will only bid on the lowest priced items.

Also, using a snipe service can really make the ending bid remain a reasonable amount. Though these services do nothing for the seller who wants the ending bid to be as high as possible, these snipe services are simply the best for buyers. This way you can be sure to get in the winning bid at the last few seconds of the auction.

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Some Words On Shaw Area Rugs

March 25th, 2014

There are places where a bare floor is the classy alternative to the common option of wall-to-wall carpeting which can end up costing quite a bit of money without out looking for a proper professional first, and even then the work is not guaranteed to being removed a few years after it is first installed, though the chances that people are going to do that more often are pretty slim as opposed to filling the space with an eye catching area rug.  There are even some people who choose to place area rugs over the larger open spaces on their carpeting, and adding to the overall effect that the combination creates.

A little more about the Shaw brand of area rugs is in order however you nay choose to utilize your area rugs, and Shaw is a highly respected brand name when it comes to quality area rugs, with many collections varying the gamut of color and design to fit whatever you choose your area to look like.  Shaw is at the lead in a competition to keep customers satisfied with the results that they produce, and leading-edge technology has given Shaw the position as a major Untied States producer of many kinds of rugs.

With the Shaw name brand, you can be guaranteed that the rugs that you buy will of the quality that you hope to see intact for many years to come, even through spills and foot traffic that would normally deter most purchases of carpeting, but reluctance need not be a factor with the keen assortment of Shaw’s collections of designer rugs made to suit however you choose to define your home.  Being a major producer of carpeting, whether custom-tufted wool rugs or injection-dyed rugs or even machine-woven and handmade area rugs, there are many varieties to take back home.

Shaw takes pride in being a major producer of soft floor covering, and satisfying customers with their unique array of well-crafted rugs, striving to meet and exceed customers’ concerns and expectations.  These are things you may wish to consider when doing your research before finding the rug that suits your needs best, and though there are so many selections to choose from, the options need not be the least pleasant part of picking a floor covering that you can enjoy.

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Owning Sphinx Area Rugs

February 10th, 2014

In the year 1991, the international company known as Oriental Weavers introduced a new line to their collections, and this new introduction opened up a new category in the American rug market through the bringing of decorative rugs to the Untied States.  Sphinx is the area rugs market leader in color, style, and quality.  These area rugs set trends, and are considered by many to be designed around today’s lifestyle, offering the finest materials combined with the highest quality construction standards in the industry.

Sphinx rugs can be kept and enjoyed for a lifetime, but are affordable enough to change to the whims of the owners’ redecorating habits.  The Sphinx brand of area rugs allows for the utilization of 92 different color combinations through a special proprietary technology, and their color palettes are constantly being updated in matching the trends of design and fashion for homes.  Many awards have been won by this division of the company for their outstanding appeal, and will surely win them more for their dedication to the excellence that has become synonymous with Sphinx rugs.

There have been no other companies that match the use of color and design in the manufacturing of these area rugs, and yet that can still fit within the bounds of being an affordable machine-made rug, Sphinx continues to push the boundaries of color and design with advances in technology that occur at an everyday pace.  There is even a sub-division of Sphinx that utilizes designs created and sanctioned by the Andy Warhol estate, and each of the rugs in that collection has a sense of imagination and flair that cannot be denied.

Many of these area rugs fit into any household with the purest touch of an interior decorator, and can allow for any kind of mood or theme that you would like to see inside the confines of your own home.  There are many styles to choose from, and an almost endless array on the affordable end of the spectrum in this purchasing experience.  Many of these rugs have a traditional feel to them, but are limited to this, with many collections falling into some categories of modern art.  These pieces can certainly make the most of whatever direction you plan to put them toward.

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Cleaning Your Wool Area Rugs

January 16th, 2014

Area rugs are particularly notorious for collecting dust and other debris. As area rugs are generally used on hard wood or laminate flooring they are often the only area of the room they occupy that offers traction sufficient for collecting dirt and dust from peoples’ shoes as they walk over the wool area rug.

Vacuuming does make a difference over time

First of all, a good vacuuming goes a long way and should be the first step in any attempt to clean your wool area rug. It’s a god idea to vacuum area rugs two to three times per week. Regular vacuuming can really help cut down on the amount of pilling and overall wear and tear that eventually shows up in all rugs that see a fair amount of traffic.

What is pilling?

Pilling happens when loose fibers in a wool or other type of are rug become entangled and form hard and extruding segments of fibers. While this is completely normal, you can cut down on the amount of pilling that happens by avoiding powder rug cleansers and heavy foot traffic.

To fix pilling, simply cut off the extruding loose fibers with a pair of sharp scissors. Another cause of pilling is when a vacuum’s beater bar is set too low and pulls on these same loose fiber strands. If your vacuum seems to slow down or pull, you should raise the beater bar until you get the same resistance pulling the vacuum all the way across the wool area rug.

Steam Cleaning

After trying various methods for deeper cleaning of my wool area rugs, I’ve decided on my favorite. I simply vacuum the rugs regularly and a few times a year I use a steam cleaner to remove excess build up of dirt and dust.

As long as you take some time choosing the right cleaning agent to use with water in the steam cleaner you’ve rented or bought, you should have no problem. Besides rinsing and filling the reservoir, steam cleaning really isn’t that much more difficult than vacuuming.


For wool area rugs you want to avoid oxy- cleaners, as these will leave a residue on wool or silk rugs. Instead, use a cleaner that is recommended for wool and be sure to treat stains as soon as possible.

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The History Of Braided Area Rugs

October 23rd, 2013

Braided area rugs have been around in various types and areas of the world for ages. Because these rugs can be braided using scraps of clothing and other fabric materials, they became commonplace in many settlers’ homes.

In early American history, settlers used braided area rugs to help insulate themselves from the crude wood or dirt floors. And since the raw materials for other types of rugs were hard to come by at different times for many people of this era, the braided area rug became a very effective and sustainable way to keep homes more comfortable.

To make braided area rugs, fabric from clothing or other left over fabric goods would be cut into strips of somewhat uniform length and width and then sewn together to form various patterns and colors.

The fabric strips are coiled and plaited together in such a way as to create quite lasting and sturdy floor coverings that also protected inhabitants from cold and rough floors.

Typically, top quality braided rugs are made from heavy wool rug yarn or other wool fabric. Though other materials are used as well, wool is a favorite choice for its lasting durability.

Though the traditional braided rug is still made much the same way today that it always has been, there are also innovations and new weaving machines and patterns that come about to this day. This makes for continually fresh designs and color combinations.

Because design and color are the most important factors of braided area rugs, there are many different types of fabric that can be used to produce nearly identical results in terms of overall design.

If you’d like to make a braided area rug out of materials other than the typical fabrics, be sure to choose materials that will best meet your needs and situation. If stain resistance is important to you, choose a yarn that has increased stain resistance. There are also fabric yarns with increased resistance to moisture. These could come in handy for humid climates that tend to encourage mildew growth.

If you’re interested in making your own braided area rug, there are many helpful guides on the internet. There may also be a class in your local area where you can learn rug braiding from others more experienced with the skill.

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Information On Couristan Area Rugs

September 18th, 2013

Area rugs can fill out the space in an otherwise bare and minimal household where wall-to-wall carpeting can be seen to make floors more lush, but time consuming to clean and maintain.  It is with this in mind, that buying an area rug comes into place, and knowing what you want to see covering your floors in a tasteful way can be the icing on the cake to decorating your home however you would appreciate it looking.  There are many things to look for in an area rug besides quality.

For over seventy-five years, Couristan rugs have had a reputation for making rugs that are at the forefront of the rug industry, and Couristan are some of the most exquisite power-loomed and handmade area rugs.  With designs that range the gamut of vivid colors and sweeping artistic motifs, Couristan rugs have some of the most unique and flamboyant qualities that one would look for in an outstanding quality rug, and there are many collections and selections to choose from when you take the time to look through them all.

From patterned rugs that have the appeal of an ancient cultural base to those that reflect the abstract works of painters like Picasso and Van Gogh, there are all manners of design and pattern awaiting your first glimpse at what a Couristan rug has to offer, and there is no doubt that what you are looking for in an area rug can be found with Couristan’s merchandise.  Many other visual motifs are out there for the whim of the owner to observe, and find that one piece that most closely matches what they wish to see covering their floor.

There are many styles and shapes open to you, to all those that choose to make their purchase a Couristan rug, and disappointment with your decision is most frequently not an option with the Couristan brand of area rugs.  You will be able to find whatever your heart desires to complement your home, and your comfort is another priority with this particular manufacturer, as what is the point of creating an atmosphere that one cannot be comfortable within.  A home is the last refuge against elements of chaos that swirl around us in the outside world, and a household should reflect this sanctuary.

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Kitchen Area Rugs

July 18th, 2013

Kitchen area rugs add color as well as safety to any kitchen. While there are many types of rugs from which to choose for your kitchen, braided area rugs are often the most suitable type of area rug for a kitchen.

Kitchen floors can quickly become slippery, whether wet or dry, as we’re scurrying around trying to get a meal together. Kitchen area rugs not only add a touch of decoration, but can really help make your kitchen a safer place in which to work and live.

Braided rugs make such good kitchen area rugs because they have added traction capabilities because of the coiled texture they have on both the underneath as well as the top surface of the rug. This added traction can make all the difference when extra sliding pressure is applied to the rug in question.

It’s also a prudent decision to opt for larger kitchen area rugs over smaller ones. Since kitchen floors can be the slipperiest floors in our homes, larger rugs can make a noticeable difference over the effect of smaller kitchen area rugs.

Since large kitchen area rugs sort of ‘hug’ more floor area, they are much less likely to slip and slide when someone races across them, than are smaller area rugs. The smallest area rugs can actually make very slippery floors even more dangerous. When we’re walking quickly across the kitchen floor, it’s too easy to take a lunging step onto a small area rug and go flying across the floor.

Another way to make smaller area rugs safer for use on slippery floors, there are also various products made for affixing to the bottom of rugs that will keep them from slipping.

My favorite non-slip material to attach to the underside of area rugs is a rubbery netting material that you can find at most home improvement stores. You can simply cut out just the size and shape that you need for your rug and place it between the rug and your floor.

This netting material is nearly impossible to make slide across the floor if it is placed flat against it. With the added weight of the rug on top, you’ll find that your rug doesn’t move even a little across the floor over time.

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Nourison Area Rugs

March 20th, 2013

Nourison area rugs are highly sought and hand made by Nourison employees. The Nourison rug company is a leading cross-category resource in the current floor covering market. The company offers several programs of varying types and levels of quality and construction.

Nourison rugs have become mainstays of some very popular designer lines, such as Calvin Klein. The more recent Grand Partere line and collection is a prime example of the top most quality of area rugs that the Nourison company manufactures.

The unmatched level of sophistication and luxurious fabrics in the Grand Partere broadloom construction category is one way that Nourison area rugs stand above the rest in terms of durability and luxury as well.

Nourison area rugs are only one of the types of rugs this top notch rug and flooring manufacturer produce and ship very quickly. Nearly all Nourison rugs are shipped within forty-eight hours of ordering. The company prides themselves on their organization and tracking systems. These certainly must play a part in the stellar shipping and handling time of the average Nourison area rug order.

Apparently the Nourison company is also a great company to work with, if you are a flooring dealer. The company maintains up to date printed materials exhibiting their latest rugs and other flooring products. The Nourison rug company’s own marketing division designs and disseminates mailers, catalogues, videos and inserts that make it easy for distributors to educate their clients about various products.

Along with the dealer tools already mentioned, the Nourison company also keeps up their own advertising campaigns with some of the nations leading home decorating and flooring publications. This means that the rugs practically sell themselves.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing or dealing Nourison area rugs and their other flooring products, this is a company to look out for, as their rugs are in high demand for a good reason. Quality and craftsmanship are top priority for the Nourison rug company.

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On The Topic Of Oriental Area Rugs

January 15th, 2013

To get started with this subject, a good beginning is what exactly an Oriental area rug consists of that makes it distinct among a lot other rugs and carpets out there, and then you can have a better understanding these rugs whether for purchase or through particular interest.  Area rugs, in general, can make the most of the floor space that you have, and can present an inviting alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting.  There is much that the rich history of the Oriental rug can add to wherever you decide to put it to add to the unique arrangement of your home.

First off, an Oriental rug is a piled or flat woven fabric hand-knotted in a traditional weaving location in the Middle or Far East, and most genuine Oriental rugs and carpets come from such places as China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Turkey, and even some territories around Russia including North African countries like Morocco and Egypt.  These items are usually knotted with pile or woven without pile, and any rug produced through the use of machines or any other method than the ones listed are not usually considered to be authentic, no genuine Oriental rugs are made of nylon nor are they produced from places other than those listed.

Many collectors of these particular types of rugs explain their desire by commenting on the beauty behind this art form, and rug weaving is evident in the background and tradition of many cultures spanning the centuries.  Evidence found in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian tombs has shown various forms of flat weaving were well developed more than four thousand years ago, and other instances of evidence suggest that weaving of pile rugs existed in the Middle East and throughout other countries in central, northwest, and eastern Asia before 2000 BC.

The nomadic wanderers of Asia at that time were thought to have used weaving to replace the use of animal hides and skins for warmth, rearing sheep and utilizing their wool for this process, and using the thick coverings to endure extreme cold.  Rug weaving never became as important as in Europe as in Asia, and many export industries developed out of this over time.  We can never be sure of where rug weaving precisely originated from because carpets are perishable, and could not last four to six thousand years without being preserved in ice, such as with the oldest rug ever discovered.

These are the parts of an Oriental rug that gives it such a lush history and beauty that cannot be underestimated for its’ quality, and which explains the obsessive appeal for these items of import that give us an interesting visual allure today.  Whether buying or just interested for the time being, there is no doubt that Oriental area rugs can be a quality item to own, and finding the rug right for you can be much easier than you might think.

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