Information On Renowned Actor; Brad Pitt

November 23rd, 2014

Born William Bradley Pitt in Oklahoma on the 18th of December in 1963, he
has since become one of the most prolific actors in the popular motion
pictures of our time, but he began by being raised in Missouri shortly after
his birth. During his time in school, Pitt became involved in many
extracurricular activities such as sports and debating, but took to acting
early on in school musicals and the like. In college, he attended a school
of journalism, but was two credits shy of graduating before leaving to try
his hand in Hollywood.

Before becoming successful, the actor had a number of odd jobs to support
him, but he began to land acting roles in a few different primetime series
in the late Eighties. In 1988, Pitt earned his first starring role in a
film, but the movie wasn’t released until 1998 due to events that were
beyond the control of those in charge of the motion picture as civil unrest
broke out where the movie took place. In 1991, however, Brad Pitt had a
supporting role in the movie Thelma & Louise that became a widely successful
film at that time, and truly came to prominence after his starring role in
the movie Interview With the Vampire.

After multiple other successful films, like the movies Seven and Legends of
the Fall, Pitt was nominated for an Academy award for his supporting role in
the film Twelve Monkeys. In 1997, after completing a film that chronicled
China’s invasion of Tibet, both Pitt and his co-star David Thewlis were
banned from entering China for life. From that point on, Brad Pitt has
earned numerous praises and intriguing roles, and has even had time to
invest in his own production company to produce films slated for release in
the next few years.

As far as Pitt’s personal life is concerned, his relationships have been
quite varied as time went along, and he has been linked with a number of
beautiful and talented actresses. After his work in syndicated television,
Pitt has dated Robin Givens, Juliette Lewis, and Gwyneth Paltrow. For a
time recently, he was married to American actress Jennifer Aniston, but the
relationship ended when the two claimed irreconcilable differences in the
matter. Afterward, Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie consummated a
relationship together, and have since traveled far and wide to aid Jolie’s
ambassadorial work.

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Information On Renowned Cyclist; Lance Armstrong

July 20th, 2014

Armstrong began competing in adult competitions from the age of fourteen as
a triathlete, and soon became understood that an aptitude for cycling was
his skill, receiving an invitation to join the Junior National Cycling Team
in training at the age of seventeen. On October 2 of 1996, he was diagnosed
with testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain, and he
continued with training after removal of his right testicle and two brain
lesions and extensive chemotherapy to cure the cancer.

Born September 18 in 1971, Lance Armstrong has since come to embody the
spirit of generations of people, and earned a reputation as one of greatest
cyclists in modern history. Now retired, he is famous for winning the Tour
de France a record of seven consecutive times from 1999 through 2005, and
has retained celebrity status through various charities and appearances
throughout modern Western culture in American cinema and television. These
many various cycling feats were accomplished several years after brain and
testicular surgeries, as well as extensive chemotherapy to treat testicular
cancer in 1996, and prevailing as no one else.

The cancer had spread to his brain and lungs that became the reason for his
surgeries and chemotherapy, but this in no way stopped the man from
dominating the Tour de France, becoming icon for stunning athletic
determination overcoming some of the most devastating odds in both life and
pursuit. After consecutively winning out over the competition, Lance had
officially retired from the total competition, but has maintained a certain
degree of clarity through what he has managed to accomplish overall by
winning numerous awards and making many various appearances.

This has lead to a range of support in the fight against cancer, as his
athletic celebrity and recovery from cancer inspired the creation of the
Lance Armstrong Foundation in collaboration with the Nike Corporation, and
this charity was founded shortly after his 1996 treatments in 1997. The
sales of yellow rubber wristbands in support of this cause netted tens of
millions of dollars in the cause against cancer, and were launched in 2004
to popularity all across the country, making Lance Armstrong one of the
major popular proponents in the nonprofit fight against cancer.

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Information On Renowned Rap Artist; 50 Cent

April 17th, 2014

Born Curtis James Jackson the Third on July 6th in 1975, 50 Cent is an
African-American rapper who rose to fame after his first two albums, and
selling over six million albums worldwide. Jackson is known for image, and
prides himself on being shot nine times and surviving the ordeal, though
police statements have since revealed that those nine times were done with
three bullets. Jackson grew up in New York in poverty-stricken
circumstances, and moved in with his grandparents after his mother was
killed during a drug deal when he was eight years old.

He became immersed in the drug trade around his native neighborhood, and by
embracing that reputation, 50 Cent began a large following in New York
before he had even signed a major record deal. He then met up with Jam
Master Jay of Run-DMC fame, signing him up to write music for the artist’s
label, and teamed with a hip-hop production duo after leaving Jam Master
Jay’s label. In1997, 50 Cent was signed to Columbia records, and released a
series of singles which caused quite a controversy around him before he left
Columbia records after being shot in 2000.

His debut album was helved before this period, and the rapper Eminem brought
a mixtape of Jackson’s work to rap producer and artist Dr. Dre, after which
50 Cent signed with Interscope records. After signing with the record
label, 50 Cent’s music was on film soundtracks before the music videos began
being played in heavy rotation on most of the music networks of the time,
and the songs were played on radio stations across the country. After 2004,
50 Cent ahd his own label, and began signing acts such as Mobb Deep and

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Information On Renowned Pop Singer And Actress; Jennifer Lopez

October 30th, 2013

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24 in 1969, and has since created a
plethora of intriguing albums mixing Latin and pop influences, as well as
pursuing acting roles that have truly given her a large repertoire from
which to draw much success from. She is an American-born actress that has
achieved great success in Grammy-nominated music combining rhythm & blues,
Latin pop, and pop music qualities together, and she is also a well-known
dancer and fashion designer with the commonly referred to nickname of J. Lo.

Lopez financed singing and dancing lessons for herself from the age of
sixteen, and after leaving a semester-long stint in college, divided time
between working in a legal office with dance lessons and dance performances
in Manhattan clubs at night. After months of auditioning for dance roles,
she was given the opportunity to appear in various rap artists’ music videos
as a dancer, and even appeared in the American Music Awards as a dancer.

After being rejected on a few different occasions, Jennifer gained a
foothold toward the fame she would later indulge becoming a dancer on a
widely enjoyed television comedy program in 1991, and this ended up being
her first high-profile dancing work.

Afterwards, she became a dancer for famed pop singer Janet Jackson, and made
an appearance in a handful of her videos, she chose to pursue her acting
desires even though she was contracted to tour with Jackson. However, she
was able to get out of the contract to fully devote her time to this
pursuit, and has since gone on to become a pop star in her own right. From
that point on, Lopez had appeared in a few short-lived television programs,
and then broke out onto the big screen in 1995. In 1998, Lopez played the
lead role in a movie documenting the real life of Latin pop singer Selena,
and was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her performance.

J. Lo’s debut album came out in 1999, and featured a number of well-received
singles, along with Spanish-language songs like the duet with Marc Anthony.
With many various guest appearances from other artists and heavy rotation on
music video channels on television and songs on radio stations, Lopez’s
album earned her Grammy nominations for her work, and she released her
second album in 2001. Producing clothing and music, and garnering some
prime acting roles and earned Jennifer Lopez a reputation for being at the
forefront of popular culture.

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Information On Renowned Pop Singer; Britney Spears

September 23rd, 2013

Born on the second of December in 1981, Britney Spears has become one of the
most recognizable popular icons today, and still remains in a class that has
seemed to fuel the many various tabloid stories entwined around her fame.
This Grammy-award winning American pop star has made occasional forays into
acting as well as writing, and has been prominently recognized for her
studio albums and music videos, with which she has gained worldwide
attentions after coming to fame as a young child.

She began as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club in the early Nineties, but
soon afterward took a five-year break from entertainment, though she came
back onto the entertainment scene with her debut studio release that topped
the charts in 1998. Her second studio effort did just as well, becoming a
massive hit record, and led her into the world of advertising and endorsing
for the likes of Pepsi in early 2000. Pushing her to strike out in a number
of directions while she worked on her consecutive albums, which didn’t yield
as many sales as the last two, but included more input from her directly.

After a well-publicized relationship with pop singer Justin Timberlake, she
married dancer Kevin Federline in 2004, and the following year gave birth to
her son, Sean Preston. Born and raised in Louisiana, Spears was an
accomplished gymnast until the age of nine, and participated in many
state-level competitions before joining the New Mickey Mouse Club after
appearing on the talent show Star Search. A few years later, Spears
recorded a demo that came to the attention of a Jive Records executive, and
began work on her first album shortly afterward.

Throughout much of the early part of the new century, Britney Spears has
placed herself firmly at the forefront in the trend of pop stars that
filtered through from the Nineties, and had grown to become one of the most
talked-about personalities in current popular culture. In 2002, she had her
first starring role in a movie, and eventually branched out in other
directions to return to recording and earning a Grammy later in 2003. Up
until now, she has dabbled in her own line of perfumes, and decided to have
children with her husband in late 2004. In all, Britney Spears is someone
not soon forgotten by the public awareness.

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Information On Renowned Pop Singer And Actress; Jessica Simpson

August 20th, 2013

Born July 10th in 1980, Jessica Simpson has since become one of the biggest
pop stars to make the leap into films and television, and rose to fame
throughout most of the late Nineties with other luminaries of popular music
such as her former husband Nick Lachey and fellow chanteuses Britney Spears
and her sister Ashlee as well. From a start as an American singer to
starring in a reality TV series to producing her own line of products, as
well as endorsing a few, and on into serious film acting, she has a certain
sense of momentum that has yet to stop her singing career.

Jessica Simpson was raised in Texas, and started singing in her church
choir, also taking the time to unsuccessfully apply for inclusion in the New
Mickey Mouse Club. She was discovered singing in church camp by the head of
a Christian record label, and recorded over the next three years, even
though the label folded before the record could be released. She dropped
out in her senior year to tour and promote her demo album, which had been
funded by her grandmother, and later earning her diploma through a GED.

During this time, she toured the Christian Youth Conference circuit
performing with a number of popular Christian performers, and selling copies
of her demo album with her father after each performance. An executive at
Columbia records acquired such a demo, and promptly set about to sign
Jessica as a pop singer, thinking she had quite a bit of potential. In late
1999, she released her debut album, and proved that it could be successful.
In the summer of 2001, she released her second album and found it an
improvement on her debut release, but the sales were less than satisfactory
in comparison to her previous effort.

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Information On Renowned Pop Singer; Mariah Carey

June 23rd, 2013

Born on March 27th in 1970, Mariah Carey has since seen a meteoric rise to
stardom even through many varied opinions about her talent, and attacks on
her personality. She is an American pop and rhythm and blues singer and
songwriter, who throughout her career to have also filled the shoes of
record producer and even actress, and all this amidst many varying stories
of her actions beyond the stage. She made her debut in 1990 under the
guidance of Columbia executive Tommy Mottola, and had her first five singles
top the charts, totally unheard of before her time.

Following her marriage to Mottola, she has had a series of successful albums
that garnered her a position as the highest selling act for Columbia, and is
the most successful American artist of the Nineties according to one
magazine. Carey then took full creative control of her career after
divorcing Mottola in 1997, and incorporated elements of hip-hop into her
music after at that time, her popularity was on the wane however after she
left Columbia records in 2001.

Soon afterward, she was dropped from the Virgin records label because of a
highly publicized physical and emotional breakdown, and the item that topped
it all off was the poor reception for her film and soundtrack project.
Carey later signed on with Island/Def Jam records, and after breaking
through an awkward phase, she came to the forefront of popular music once
again in 2005. She is especially noteworthy for her singing capabilities,
and tonal range, even though critics have commented that she focuses on her
vocal talents while foregoing emotion in her songs.

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Information On Renowned Athlete; Michael Jordan

June 17th, 2013

Michael Jeffery Jordan was born in 1963 on February 17th, and retired from
the scene from which he exploded when others were beginning to make names
for themselves, throughout his prolific career from the Eighties to the
Nineties he has been a truly outstanding basketball player and coach.
Jordan has been considered a remarkable asset at both ends of the spectrum
in relation to how the sport is played and how it is viewed, and elementally
instrumental in making the sport a worldwide forum for fans of all
generations and nationalities.

Jordan ended a fifteen-season career with a regular-season average score of
over thirty points per game, won six championships with the Chicago Bulls,
and currently owns a part in the Charlotte Bobcats. Jordan is considered by
most to be the greatest player of all time, with numerous awards and much
acclamation for his abilities, and has appeared on the cover of Sports
Illustrated a record of forty-nine times since 1983. He was named Sportsman
of the Year by the magazine in 1991, and in 1999, Jordan was named the
greatest athlete of the twentieth century by the ESPN sports network.

He was listed as being second only to Babe Ruth in the Associated Press’
list of the top athletes of the century, and his leaping ability has been
vividly proven by his feats of dunking a basketball from the foul line,
earning him nicknames like Air Jordan. As a young child in school, Jordan
was an athlete that came to skill in three sports at once, and eventually
singled this down to basketball after a few seasons of being refused from
the varsity basketball team. Jordan then earned an athletic scholarship to
the University of North Carolina, and from there, became a better player
over the time spent working with the team-oriented system.

After winning a play of the year award in 1984, he left to join the NBA
Draft, and was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the first round as the third
pick overall. Jordan played thirteen seasons for the Bulls and two with the
Washington Wizards, was generally used as a shooting guard, and was just as
versatile a threat at point guard and small forward. Throughout his career,
Michael Jordan has proved himself worthy of all the attention and praise
garnered through his skills and talents, and has since lent his knowledge to

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Information On Renowned Pop Singer; Shakira

May 23rd, 2013

Born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll on the second of February in 1977,
Shakira has come to be known for her provocative dancing style, and for her
aid in bringing Latin music further into the mainstream of popular culture
with her songs. Born in Colombia, Shakira began writing music when she was
merely eight years old as one of seven siblings, but was teased by peers and
was not accepted into the school choir for having too strong a voice.
Between the ages of ten and thirteen, Shakira was invited to many events
around her area, and even gained some recognition through participating in
those competitions.

Around this time, a local theater producer impressed with her skill
attempted to aid her with her career, and swayed the attentions of a
Columbian Sony executive who auditioned Shakira in a hotel lobby. After
much footwork by this executive to get Shakira’s music heard, she landed a
three-record contract deal, and this was after a surprise performance for
other Sony executives whom she had impressed enough to win them over. In
1991, when she was only fifteen, Shakira created her debut album, but both
her first and second albums weren’t that well received which lead her to go
back to graduate high school.

Fame came to her, though, in Latin America after her third album was
released in 1995. After her fourth album’s release, she became famous in
other countries apart from her own, and this album had more work invested in
it that lent it a more polished production. This also lead to popularity in
the United States, and an appearance on MTV’s Unplugged live performance
shows, where she performed the songs primarily off of this fourth effort.
In March of 2000, Shakira toured Latin America and the United States, and
won an award for best international artist in August of that year.

In 2001, Shakira produced a record that crossed over the language barrier,
and became one of her biggest hits ever due to the wide appeal of the album.
Shakira has since put out both new collections of work alongside
collections of her previous work, and has even put out a combination film
and album documenting her performance and her life onstage, even winning
more awards native to her background and has appeared on numerous musical
shows. After her second English-speaking album was released in 2006, it
became a hit internationally as she began receiving more awards for her
work, and is currently still making satisfying music.

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Tiger Woods’ Playing Style

April 23rd, 2013

When Tiger Woods first appeared on the professional golf scene in 1996, his long driving is one of the things that impressed fans the most. Yet when he didn’t upgrade his equipment in the following years, several of his opponents came closer to him and even caught up in the standings. This pattern became apparent throughout the 2002-2003 PGA Tour seasons.

During 2004, Tiger Woods decided finally to upgrade his driver clubs to include larger clubheads and graphite shafts. These changes helped him make his already long drives even longer. Tiger’s sponsorship with Nike allows him to use any clubs he wants, though he favors the custom putter made by Scotty Cameron, for example.

Tiger Woods’ golf bag contains a Nike SasQuatch 460 driver with a custom Nike shaft and an 8.5 loft, as well as a Nike Pro Combo 56 degree wedge, Nike Forged Blade Irons, and a Nike One Platinum ball. As far as golf shoes go, Tiger favors the Nike SP-7 TW Tour. He prefers Dri-FIT polos and Nike Golf Storm-FIT golf apparel.

Though Tiger Woods is known for his huge length advantage, he has always focused on developing an great all round golf game. Tiger Woods’ iron play is usually as god / accurate as any player that has ever played although more recently he has been near the bottom in driving accuracy of Tour rankings.,

Tiger Woods has excellent bunker play and recovery, and his putting (particularly under pressure) is possibly his greatest single skill. Tiger is greatly responsible in influencing a shift amongst professional golfers to a higher standard of athleticism.

Currently Tiger Woods is working with Hank Haney, though for most of his professional career Woods worked with Butch Harmon, a leading swing coach. After Harmon announced publicly (he is also a sports broadcaster) that Tiger was in denial about the shortcomings of his game, they quit working together, though publicly they made up a while after the incident.

Tiger Woods is one of the most charismatic professional golfers, yet his overall approach could be called cautious. Aiming for consistency, his great track record comes not from posting extremely low rounds so much as avoiding bad games altogether. In this way it could be argued that Tiger Woods’ main strategy and attribute is that of consistency.

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