Mary Kay Cosmetics: An Overview

March 23rd, 2014

Mary Kay Cosmetics are cosmetics manufactured by Mary Kay Inc. The Mary Kay World Headquarters are located in Addison, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The founder of Mary Kay Inc. is Mary Kay Ash and the corporation was established on September 13, 1963. Currently, the corporation’s CEO is Mary Kay Ash’s son, Richard Rogers, who is also chairman. David Holl is the COO and president of Mary Kay Inc.

One of the largest direct distributors of color cosmetics and skin care products in the world, the Mary Kay independent sales force includes more than 1.6 million Independent Beauty Consultants in more than thirty international markets. The wholesale sales of Mary Kay Inc. exceeded $2.2 billion in 2005.

Wholesale sales are make between the corporation and individual consultants. Products are bought from Mary Kay Inc. at wholesale prices. The independent beauty consultants / salespeople then sell the cosmetics to clients by whichever method they feel most comfortable with, whether selling door to door, to colleagues at work or by holding regular parties for a select group of clients and friends.

Here are some statistics about the various levels of distributorship and related sales performance:

• More than 200 Independent National Sales Directors have earned more than $1 million in the United States

• Approximately 500 independent distributors around the world have earned the position of Independent National Sales Director, which is the highest status within the independent sales force

• More than 14,000 independent distributors have attained the position of Independent Sales Director in the United States

• Worldwide, more than 31,000 independent distributors of Mary Kay cosmetics have attained the status of Independent Sales Director

Some more interesting statistics and information about Mary Kay cosmetics:

• The retail price of Mary Kay cosmetics is twice the wholesale price of the cosmetics

• Mary Kay Inc. performs independent testing and research at its state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in China and Dallas, Texas.

• Mary Kay Inc. provides a career car program that provides distributors with a free car as long as sales stay above a minimum amount. If they fall below the requirement distributors can make car payments unless and until their sales performance qualifies them for the career car credit again.

To find out more about Mary Kay Cosmetics or Mary Kay Inc, visit the company’s official website at

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Types Of Makeup Cosmetics

February 23rd, 2014

There are various forms of makeup / cosmetics that make up a complete makeup kit. Here we will discuss the basic components of a makeup collection, as well as what each type of makeup product is for.

• Concealer is a thick type of opaque makeup that is used to cover various types of blemishes or inconsistencies in the skin

• Liquid foundation is used to color the face, as well as for lightening and concealing skin blemishes and flaws. The coverage of liquid foundations ranges from sheer or light to full coverage.

• Cream foundation tends to provide much more full coverage than that of liquid foundations.

• Powder is used to set the foundation and helps absorb excess oil produced by the skin, thus providing what is referred to as a ‘matte finish’.

• Lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencils are all used to color the lips. Lip pencils are used to define the shape of lips or fill in portions to create an enhanced lip shape. Lip gloss is sometimes used separately and sometimes on top of lip color of either lip pencil or lipstick to provide a glossy sheen.

• Blush or rouge is used to add color to the cheeks, which emphasizes the cheek bones. Blush comes in powder as well as cream and gel forms.

• Mascara is used to color and / or enhance eyelashes. Mascara coats the eyelashes to enhance length, thickness and color or eyelashes.

• Eye shadow and eyeliner are used to emphasize and contour the eyelids. The general principle is that by making the eyes look larger in relation to the face, the effect of a more youthful countenance is produced.

• Bronzer is a somewhat newer classification of makeup, but is used much like rouge. Bronzer is applied to accentuate particular areas of the face where the sun usually falls, in order to produce a sun kissed appearance.

• Nail polish is used to color fingernails and toenails. Shades include every color of the rainbow as well as clear tones for application on top of nail color or alone.

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A Brief History Of Cosmetics

January 23rd, 2014

There is archaeological evidence of cosmetics usage in Ancient Egypt around 4,000 BC. Romans and the Ancient Greeks also used cosmetics. Interestingly, both the Ancient Egyptians and Romans used cosmetics that contained lead and mercury.

In the West, cosmetics use was mostly restricted to the upper classes throughout the medieval period. Cosmetics were also used in what is today the Middle East as well as in Persia. Though Islam has so explicit restriction against the use of cosmetics, the rise of Islam seems to have inspired various restrictions against the use of cosmetics in that part of the world.

Likewise, in various eras cosmetics usage was restricted or disapproved in general. In the 19th century Queen Victoria, for example, officially declared that the wearing of cosmetics was impolite. It was during this era in the western world that cosmetics were first seen as crude, or something that only prostitutes and actors wore.

It wasn’t until right around World War II that cosmetics achieved wide appeal that was cross-class. During the 1930s and 1940s both lower and upper classes used cosmetics on a regular basis. It was during this period of time that makeup became so popular as to be advertised in magazines and other publications of the day.

In Japan geishas wore cosmetics made of natural resins and plants. These cosmetics were used to paint the lips, eyebrows and eye lid areas. A mixture of white paste and a very soft wax called bintsuke wax was used to paint the face of a geisha the identifying ivory white color.

Today, the cosmetics manufacturing industry is dominated by a very small number of multinational corporations that were each started in the early 20th century. Eugene Shueller founded the L’Oreal makeup company in 1909. Back then the company was named French Harmless Hair Colouring Company and has since split up into Liliane Bettencourt, Nestle and others. L’Oreal is the largest of today’s multinational cosmetics manufacturing companies.

Though small independents like Lip-Ink International try to break into the cosmetics manufacturing industry with unique products, there haven’t been many successful breaches since those of Revlon just prior to World War II and Estee Lauder just after the war. Until then the industry was invented largely by the original trio of Elizabeth Arden, Max Factor and Helena Rubinstein

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The Skin Care Cosmetics Industry

December 23rd, 2013

The skin care cosmetics industry is constantly changing to accommodate shifting trends and fashions as well as health information that becomes known. Since the innovation of sunscreen, for example, many areas of skin care and cosmetics have become overlapped. Consumers of cosmetics are increasingly interested in products that contain sunscreen or other skin care ingredients, such as those for reducing the size of pores or those ingredients that are less likely to contribute to acne breakouts or other symptoms of irritation.

If you are a manufacturing company that develops cosmetics or a large distributor of cosmetics, whether of various manufacturers or a single product line, market research is an invaluable tool for making profitable decisions for your business.

There are a number of useful market research websites where you can find free or reasonably priced market research reports. From there you will be able to better determine which more specialized market research reports will assist you in making critical business development decisions.

There are also market research websites and services that catalog various types of market research reports for all kinds of different products. At these kinds of websites you’ll be able to see a variety of different market research reports sorted by category. You will also be able to find out what each kind of report costs to peruse in detail.

By using market research information you’ll be better able to identify and assess strategic investment and business opportunities. Access to the most up to date information is critical for making the best possible decisions regarding the development and growth of your skin care or cosmetics related company.

Look for an unbiased source of market research analysis, as his analysis is the basis onto which you will build various projections such as marketing campaigns, sales presentations, annual budgets and product development strategies.

Take some time to browse a few different market research consultancies on the internet and find out which ones have the most skin care or cosmetics related market research information available. Once you find a good source for this type of data, stick with it. Data is viable only so long as it reflects the current market.

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Avon Cosmetics: A Leader In Cosmetics As Well As Corporate Philanthropy

November 23rd, 2013

Avon cosmetics are manufactured by the Avon Products, Inc. corporation. Avon produces perfume, cosmetics and even toys with markets in over 135 countries around the world. Avon has annual sales of $7.74 billion around the world. Avon’s CEO and company chairman is Andrea Jung, who in 1999 was promoted to the position.

Today, Avon’s’ fastest growing markets are in Russia and China. Though Avon has traditionally been and continues to primarily be a direct-sales company, in places like China most sales happen in retail stores. Door to door selling was banned in China during the 1990s, but this hasn’t seemed to slow Avon sales in China.

Avon cosmetics are not just for women, though traditionally women have been the target market for Avon products. There are also Avon products that are geared toward men and their skin care needs. Avon has also been seeing profits from their children’s products, including toys and basic toiletries such as shampoo and bubble bath.

More recently, Avon came out with two new brands, “M” and “mark”. M is an Avon catalogue and line of products for men. Mark is an Avon line targeted to younger, college aged women (18-25). The Mark product line has been very successful and features a monthly ‘magalog’ that showcases the latest and most popular Avon cosmetics and other products geared toward younger cosmetics shoppers.

Beyond commercial pursuits, the Avon corporation is also invested in various philanthropic causes that are mostly focused on health and women’s empowerment issues. Some of the biggest campaigns launched or participated in by Avon involve breast cancer, domestic violence and global issues.

To find out more about Avon cosmetics, corporation history or philanthropic ventures, take a look ath their official website found at

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The House Of Chanel And Chanel Cosmetics

October 23rd, 2013

Chanel was established in 1910 as a small headwear shop. The House of Chanel quickly moved up to better stores and areas of the city and became particularly famous with its signature Chanel No. 5 fragrance, along with popularizing the little black dress.

Chanel reorganized and redefined haute couture fashion with the replacement of corsets by more comfortable casual elegance of simple dresses and suits. One of the most well known fashion trends started by Chanel is the “Chanel suit”, an elegant combination of boxy jacket, knee length skirt. These have historically been paired with large gold buttons and large costume pearl necklaces.

The launching of Chanel No. 5 brought a lot of attention to the House. High society women flocked to the Rue Cambon boutique in order to commission outfits of the latest fashions. Thus the legend of Chanel was born and continues to set trends and provide the elite with high quality fashions, fragrances, and more recently cosmetics as well.

Chanel now offers a complete line of makeup and skin care products along with the signature fragrance line. You can view makeup product information at the official Chanel makeup site ( All Chanel cosmetics are hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists as well as opthamologists in order to assure hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic (non pore clogging) properties of all their cosmetics.

Chanel cosmetics and fragrances are not tested on animals. Also, Chanel is listed in PETA’s Guide to Cruelty-Free Companies. Chanel cosmetics are not vegan products, however, as there are products that contain lanolin, beeswax and other animal derived ingredients. If you have any questions about specific products, you can send the company a question through their website.

Sign up for the Chanel cosmetics newsletter to be informed of the latest products. If you are interested in receiving free samples, you can visit a local Chanel makeup and fragrance counter. Samples are given out on a seasonal basis and your local Chanel outlet is the best way to find out what’s hot for the latest season.

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Find Cheap Cosmetics Online

September 23rd, 2013

Cheap cosmetics don’t have to be cheaply made. Some of the best and most reputable cosmetics can be found at bargain prices when you’re willing to shop online. Though it may take a little practice and / or research to find the best cosmetics at the best prices, it’s certainly worth the time and effort when you see how much money you can save on any and all type of makeup and skin care products.

By shopping for cheap cosmetics online you not only have thousands of merchants to choose from, but you also have a wealth of customer review information to aid you in making decisions about the makeup you purchase. The internet is the best place to shop for cheap cosmetics.

One of the best ways to find cheap cosmetics is to look at online auction websites. At these popular marketplaces you can find all kinds of excellent bargains direct from cosmetics manufacturers or from distributors. Many auction sellers carry several different brands of cosmetics and you can often save on shipping by buying products from one seller who is willing to combine shipping sots for multiple items.

For common makeup lines found in general stores you can sometimes save money by buying directly from the makeup manufacturer’s website. For more premium makeup brands this is seldom the case and you’ll have much better luck searching for premium cosmetics through online auction websites and other comparison shopping websites.

Some of the best shopping tools borne of the internet are the comparative shopping types of websites. Here you will be able to type in specific brands or product names and be shown a list of online merchants as well as product prices and availability. These types of shopping websites can take the hassle out of finding the best deals on skin care and cosmetics products.

Whether you decide to use an auction service, a comparative shopping and customer review website or some other merchant or product search tool, the internet is your best bet for finding cheap cosmetics.

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Shopping For Cosmetics Kits Online

August 23rd, 2013

The internet is the best place to shop for cosmetics kits. Not only do you have thousands of merchants to choose from, but you also have a wealth of customer review information about the available products and the merchants and manufacturers that provide retail cosmetics kits.

You can use one of the popular consumer oriented comparison shopping websites to find the best bargains on cosmetics kits of all kinds. At these same websites you can view customer ratings and even in depth reviews. While not all consumer comparative shopping websites will provide comprehensive reviews, these are the most worthwhile types of shopping websites.

Another way to find different cosmetics kits at reasonable prices is to search the popular online auction websites. At these popular marketplaces you can find all kinds of excellent deals direct from cosmetics manufacturers or distributors.

I like to visit the cosmetics counters of department stores where I can receive personalized attention from a real person. He or she helps me find which products and colors work best for me. As this changes from season to season, I like to make several trips to makeup counters each year. But here’s the trick, once you find which items are right for you, go online to buy them or at least to buy replacement products when you run out.

This is a great way to have personalized and professional consultation about your makeup products and color choices, yet not have to pay department store prices. You can almost always find the department store makeup item you saw in a store online at an auction website such as eBay for a fraction of the retail store price.

The first time I went online and was able to save nearly 50% on all my makeup purchases I decided that online auctions were the best place to buy cosmetics. I’ll rarely buy replacement cosmetics at a physical store. The savings found on the internet are just too good to ignore.

I recommend purchasing makeup online to anyone who is into saving money, buying fun and experimental makeup or both. Unfortunately my makeup buying has not been pared down by the reduced prices. Instead, I’ve found more resources with which to buy more makeup!

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A Visit To Mac Cosmetics

July 23rd, 2013

Various girlfriends of mine have been ranting and raving about Mac Cosmetics so I decided I would give them a try. I went online to the Mac Cosmetics website and read about the various products. Have very sensitive skin, so before I even consider various colors and item types I need to find out what kinds of ingredients go into the makeup in question.

I was unable to find specific ingredients information anywhere on the Mac Cosmetics website. After talking with a live chat representative for Mac Cosmetics, I was somewhat reassured that their cosmetics was not likely to irritate my sensitive skin. Though the representative listed some synthetic ingredients that concerned me, she said that in her experience no one with sensitive skin that she’s worked with ahs had any problems with the cosmetics, so I decided to try them out.

I decided to choose cosmetics included in their ‘A Muse’ line of makeup. This look is one that focuses on 60s mod chic and involves playing up the eyes with dramatic shapes, color and intense dark lashes, while playing down the lips with sleek shades of neutral or bright pink.

I chose ‘charm factor’ lip stick, some ‘ciao, manhattan’ lip gloss for accenting over the lip stick. I also picked out a matching lip liner pencil. I didn’t want to try too many cosmetics since I was a little dubious about the sensitivity issue, so I added one whole face product, a liquid foundation.

When the products arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the lightness of the liquid foundation. It did not irritate my skin at all and was comfortable several hours later. It didn’t need to be touched up for at least eight hours or so. I can’t say the same thing for my usual liquid foundation.

I was equally impressed with the lip color, gloss and pencil. The colors were just as rich and vibrant as in the pictures on the website. The lipstick and even the lip liner pencil were very creamy and rich, at the same time light enough that I felt my pores were still able to breathe.

I was so impressed with my original purchase of Mac Cosmetics that I have since returned to try out their other products. I’ve tried everything from the shimmery finishing powders to some of the more dramatic eyeliners and eye shadow colors. The only complaints I have is that popular colors sell out too fast and I don’t live near a Mac Cosmetics store.

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An Overview Of Jane Cosmetics

April 17th, 2013

Jane Cosmetics was started in 1994 with a target market of young and college aged girls and women. The name Jane is intended to represent ‘the girl next door’ as well as being an acronym for the natural ingredients found in nearly all Jane Cosmetics. These natural, botanical ingredients include juniper, aloe, nettle and elderflower.

The name Jane is also loosely tied to the character Jane from the Tarzan stories, which represents the feminine aspect of qualities such as intelligence and independence. In this fashion, Jane is not only meant to represent the average girl next door, but the notion that every girl has the potential for great individuality and independence.

All Jane Cosmetics are dermatologist tested and oil free. This means you can count on Jane cosmetics to keep your beauty regimen as simple as possible. Oil free cosmetics help keep your face free of excess oil that can lead to breakouts.

Jane cosmetics are not tested on animals. No products or ingredient found in Jane Cosmetics has been tested on or is derived from animals. A strict no animal testing policy is adhered to by the Jane Cosmetics company.

Jane cosmetics come in over 250 colors and forms, from lipstick and lip gloss to mascara and the latest eye shadow colors. There are also many nifty finishing products like shimmering powder and bronzers to flesh out your makeup collection.

Jane Cosmetics are available at many retail stores, such as Target. You can also find Jane Cosmetics at many online stores and auction websites. Though Jane cosmetics are generally quite affordable no matter where you find them, they can be even more reasonably priced at online stores and auctions.

For more information about the latest Jane Cosmetics check out their website at . You can brose through the various cosmetics or use their nifty make over interface. You can input your eye, hair and skin colors. Just hit the submit button to see a custom list of cosmetics best suited to your natural colors.

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