Event Planning

Become An Event Planner With U.S. Event Guide

April 24th, 2014

If you want to become an event planner, U.S. Event Guide offers quality training at an affordable price. They can help you become a certified event planner quickly and efficiently. Their program provides thorough step by step guidance and training.

You need to acquire essential skills necessary for growth as an individual in this field to become an event planner. U.S. Event Guide strongly follows the motto, “Knowledge breeds confidence and confidence breeds success!” They utilize their many years of experience in the special events industry to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and grow in this fun $95 billion dollar a year industry.

To that end, U.S. Event Guide offers online lectures and training materials to become an event planner. They will also assign you a personal mentor that gives assistance as needed.

Once you have completed your training, U.S. Event Guide will help you obtain your certificate. You will then become an event planner that has a CEP (certified event professional) certificate.

On your road to become an event planner, U.S. Event guide will offer you the opportunity to participate in some hands-on training. The assignment is to coordinate a major event. This gives you an opportunity to put the new training you have received into practice.

Once you become an event planner, you can use the CEP certificate that you earned and a letter of reference from U.S. Event Guide to give to prospective clients. This will make you look very professional.

After you become an event planner by training with U.S. Event Guide, you will be listed in the event planner database and be eligible to get leads from clients registered on their website. This is a great bonus for someone just getting started in the event planning industry.

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Conference Event Planning

April 24th, 2014

For large conferences you should certainly consider hiring a professional event planner. Conference event planning can be a full time job in itself. Unless you have planned a conference event before, plan on it taking at least twice as long as you are estimating. Though you may be comfortable with planning a smaller company event, conferences are typically large enough that the services of a professional experienced in conference event planning can really come in handy.

Don’t let yourself get stressed out about planning the next company conference. Let an event and meeting management professional take control. He or she is trained not to overlook even the smallest detail. From vendor arrangement and planning to invitations and special accommodations for particular guests, professional event planners are equipped to deal with any event, large or small; party of conference scale.

Not sure where to find professional conference event planning service? Take a look at Executive Visions, Inc. (http://www.executivevisions.com) or The Great Event (http://thegreatevent.com). Both of these highly professional event planning companies offers conference planning as well as several types of corporate event theme and team building ideas.

Don’t forget to comparison shop. With all the hustle and bustle of planning a conference or similar event, the additional expense of hiring a professional event planner or event planning company may seem negligible, but top notch event planning companies charge what they’re worth –and then some, depending on the company.

Ask for a quote. Be careful to include each ad every aspect or your conference event, down to the type of paper you want invitations printed on. This way the quote a prospective event planning company provides will be closer to the actual bottom line.

Shop around. Start shopping for an event planning company or individual early on. The earlier you start the better chance you’ll have of finding the best deal as well as the best event planner for your particular gathering.

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My Sister’s Wedding Event Planner

April 17th, 2014

I thought my sister’s wedding event planner was going to kill her. My sister was a miserable bride for that poor woman to work for that is for sure. My sister threw temper tantrums and cried at the drop of a hat. I’m sure that she was glad she worked with a retainer.

The first problem that the wedding event planner encountered with my sister was three date changes. My sister had a real problem deciding when she would tie the knot. She refused to see that the date was important for venue availability and other planning efforts by the wedding event planner.

The second problem that the wedding event planner encountered with my sister was size of the wedding. At first, my sister wanted one hundred guests, and then she wanted five hundred. My sister didn’t understand that the wedding event planner shows different ideas to different sized weddings.

It wasn’t just the size of the wedding and the date that kept changing. My sister also changed the style of the wedding several times, frustrating the wedding event planner. My sister didn’t even realize why this was hard on the wedding event planner.

I thought that the wedding event planner stayed within the stated budget beautifully. Our dad didn’t go all out, but the budget was sizable. She did well finding the nicest items in our price ranges. My sister complained that she didn’t get more for her money. She just didn’t realize that the wedding event planner had negotiated good deals every step of the way.

My sister’s wedding event planner helped my sister select a venue for the wedding. She also helped my sister find an officiant. My sister was very dismissive of this important task. She thought that the wedding event planner was supposed to do that, but she was really going above and beyond when she did.

The wedding event planner thought that five attendants were too many. I agreed and my sister agreed reluctantly. I think that the suggested three was perfect. She pouted for about three days after being told that five was too many bridesmaids.

Wedding cakes are the second star, after the bride, at a wedding. The cake designer that the wedding event planner found was fantastic and the cake was more extraordinary than I could possibly ever describe. My sister had to try five different cakes before making a decision.

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Starting An Event Planning Business? Get An Event Planning Degree

November 24th, 2013

If you are interested in working for or starting your own event planning business, you may wish to consider getting a degree or certificate in event planning or event management. You can work toward becoming a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) or a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP). Many businesses as well as some members of the general public look for these designations when choosing an event planning business.

There are also various types of meeting and event management degrees available from different colleges and universities. Contact your local community college to find out if they offer a degree program tailored to the event management industry.

Typically, a meeting and event management degree is a two year Associate in Applied Science Degree program that is designed to prepare students for positions in the conference, convention and meeting planning industry.

There are various skills that are developed and explored within an event and meeting management degree program, such as negotiation, problem solving, decision making and communication skills. These are the main interactive skills that will be exercised regularly in the event planning industry.

A good event planning and management degree or certification program should also include education about facilities, contract law, financial management and other related areas of conference, meeting and convention planning and management.

Some of the biggest responsibilities of an event planning professional include on site management, client and vendor relations, marketing, risk management and contacts, project development, budgeting and coordination of logistics.

With an event planning degree or certificate you have many exciting career possibilities, such as:

• Marketing and special event manager

• Conference manager

• Meeting coordinator

• Convention sales manager

• Project manager for events and meetings

• Senior event coordinator

• Program manager

• Special event coordinator

• Operations manager

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Event Planning Companies: Online Resources For Planning Your Next Event

August 24th, 2013

Need some help planning your next event? Below you’ll find a list of event planning companies and other even planning resources along with a brief description of services for each company:

• Party Pop (http://www.PartyPop.com)

Party Pop is a website full of many useful event planning resources, including a list of event planners by region of the United States or Canada. Part Pop also has a handy budget calculator to help with estimating the cost of your next shindig.

• Special Event Site (http://www.specialeventsite.com)

Special Event Site has several different ways to find the event planning vendors and services in your area. You can either search according to the service or start by browsing all services in your area.

• Decidio (http://www.decidio.com)

Decidio has a very clean and simple website. You simply type in the event type and your location and Decidio lists all the event planning companies and vendors in your area.

• Gig Masters (http://www.gigmasters.com)

Gig Masters is the website to visit if you need live entertainment for your next event. You can browse by location or music type. They feature listings for everything from gospel and blues singers to DJs and punk rock bands.

• Evite (http://www.evite.com)

Evite is a great party planning resource. You can send invitations online or through the mail and they have tons of birthday and other party ideas.

For corporate event planning you can put all of the necessary ingredients together yourself or enlist the services of some professional corporate event planners. There are several national event planning companies that can help organize your next corporate event, such as The Great Event (http://thegreatevent.com) or Executive Visions, Inc. (http://www.executivevisions.com).

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Top Rated Event Planning Software

July 24th, 2013

According to CNET’s Download.com the top event planning software is ‘FileAmigo LE 7.2’. It has received a CNET review of 4 stars and a user rating of 4.5 stars. This program allows users to organize documents, data and image files into custom databases.

With FileAmigo LE 7.2 you can design custom databases and reports for nearly any event or situation within minutes. This handy program can be used for memberships, projects, prospect lists, maintenance schedules as well as event planning of many kinds.

You can also use FileAmigo LE 7.2 to import data and integrate such items as notes and action items. You can also create custom reports. FileAMigo LE 7.2 can also be linked to MS Excel for spreadsheets and MS Word for mail merges.

FileAmigo is a completely free program. With all of its wonderful tools and templates, this is certainly a great suite of utilities for a very fair price! Users report that they would expect to pay at least $100 for this type of event planning program, and are very pleasantly surprised to discover that it is a free program.

Many users suggest throwing out MS Excel for more advanced record keeping and reports and switching to FileAmigo. In a matter of minutes users are able to master the controls and perform a number of different functions that may take several days or weeks to master within MS Excel.

Next up is ‘Easy Resource Planner 1.0.2’ with a user rating of 5 stars and has not been reviewed by CNET. Though this program costs about $50 after the trial period is over, many users find it to be better for event planning. This program allows users to schedule resources of any kinds, whether employees, equipment or facilities.

Some of the utilities in Easy Resource Planner are project planning, staff scheduling, time tracking, leave tracking, room scheduling, equipment rentals and event management. Users report very few ‘cons’ to using this program. The only one I’ve seen noted is the inability to import data from other file types. The developer is very open to hearing user suggestions and tries to release updates every 3 or 4 months.

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When Did Event Planning Become A Profession?

June 24th, 2013

Event planning was not always a professional industry. For the most part, people and groups have always simply planned events themselves or designated a particular person to perform the planning of an upcoming event. Many times women were the key event planners, whether because of a feminine predilection for such things or perhaps due in part to the outdated gender roles where the men were the professionals and women the caretakers and recreational planners.

For whichever reason or reasons, event planning has only more recently become common. Last year there were more than $500 billion spent on event planning around the world. Corporations and companies have been using professional event planners for a while, but now even the general public is turning to professional event planners to help ease the stress of making the next event successful and enjoyable for everyone involved.

There are all kinds of helpful resources on the internet to help you plan your next event. There are also websites of professional event planning companies that can do everything from send out invitations to booking the event site and entertainment, as well as setting up food and beverage arrangements.

Before choosing an event planning company you should consider whether or not your event is large enough to merit the extra expense of having professional event planners. Unless you’re extremely busy or need a super posh setting with tons of special accommodations, props and favors, chances are you won’t need an event planning professional for your child’s next birthday party.

However, if you’ve suddenly been put in charge of organizing your company’s next annual party or conference then a professional event planner may be just the thing. When professional reputation is on the line, a professional event planner is a great way to make sure that no detail is overlooked.

Professional event planners not only help with making arrangements for food and entertainment, but can help you plan special company or corporate team building games and other activities that can really improve intra-office communication and teamwork.

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Starting An Event Planning Business

June 24th, 2013

Over the past decade the event planning industry has grown enormously. According to Certified Special Events Professional Dr. Joe Goldblatt, special events spending is $500 billion worldwide each year. Dr. Goldblatt is the founding director of the Event Management Program at George Washington University, founding father of the International Special Events Society (ISES), and he co-wrote ‘The International Dictionary of Event Management’.

Goldblatt says that the market for event planning is so large that it will sustain any event planning endeavor no matter the size or direction. “If you’re working in one special events area, there are many directions in which you can expand. If you’re just entering the profession of special events, there’s a lucrative market awaiting you on many fronts”, says Goldblatt.

What exactly is event planning? Professional event planners may handle any or all of the following tasks:

• Create an event layout in terms of space as well as schedule

• Conduct research

• Find a suitable site for the event

• Arrange décor, entertainment and food

• Send invitations to participants

• Plan transportation to and from the event

• Arrange necessary accommodations for participants

• Supervise at the event site

• Coordinate the duties and activities of event personnel

• Conduct evaluations of the event

Many event planners get their start as service providers for one particular area of events before becoming planners of entire events. For this reason, many event planning businesses provide one or more event services in addition to planning services.

You may wish to consider getting a degree or certificate in event planning or event management. You can work toward becoming a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) or a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP). Many businesses as well as some members of the general public look for these designations when choosing an event planning business.

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Group Of Event Planners

May 24th, 2013

Event planners don’t really have an easy time with their jobs. Even jobs that go smoothly aren’t easy. Attention to detail is essential for event planners. Being able to handle adversity and stay on schedule is also a good skill set to have.

I am part of a small group of event planners. We have pooled together to make ourselves more marketable. We share work when we need to, but for the most part work alone. We are really just a group in name only.

Event planning is a hard market to break into without advertising. We found that our group of event planners can split the cost of advertising easily.

There have been several clients that I was able to pass on to my fellow event planners because my personality did not mesh well with theirs. The other event planners have, on occasion, returned the favor.

The market that our group of event planners targeted first was the child birthday circuit in our community. It was interesting to us that there were a lot of mothers that wanted extravagant affairs for their child’s birthday.

We expanded our target to include post-prom affairs and graduation parties. One of the other event planners and I planned the college graduation event for a foreign ambassador’s daughter. That was a fancy affair.

The event planners decided together that we needed to aggressively sell ourselves to big business clients. We approached several and one decided to give us a chance. We planned a wonderful luncheon for some of their international clients and it went well.

The luncheon went so well that the event planners started getting calls constantly for more events to plan. I was shocked when we got to a point that we were turning jobs down.

I was the first, but the other event planners quickly followed, to hire an assistant to help me with the jobs I took on. It seemed like out group doubled in size overnight.

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Corporate Event Planning Resources

April 24th, 2013

What makes a great corporate event? Well, it depends on what your corporation does and who exactly will be showing up to your event. But no matter the size, type or audience of your corporate event, one thing is certain, you will need entertainment and food to encourage your guests to mingle and take advantage of the gathering.

Perhaps you’re planning a corporate event to encourage team building within the corporation, or to incorporate a group of new employees. If this is the case then you’ll want to include some type of team building activity for your event.

Team building activities can combine physical and/or mental abilities as well as competitiveness, group participation and communication. By creating some fund team building activities you can help your employees become more familiar with each other, which will in result in better workplace communication in the long run.

Team building activities can include things like trivia contests with two or more teams, Olympic style games with various events, or a scavenger hunt type of game. Make things fun by offering small prizes for each event or round of a competition and if you want to up the ante, offer a grand prize for the overall winning team and watch the inventiveness, competitiveness and communication sparks fly!

Themed corporate events are a way to have an immediate focal point for participants who may feel awkward going to a convention hall type of atmosphere. If employees show up and discover a fun sports bar, road rally or sand castle building theme they’ll immediately start to relate to each other around this central theme. It allows people to get to know one another without the regular day to day hustle and bustle.

Of course food and entertainment are the constants when it comes to corporate event planning. You can put all of these things together yourself, or enlist the assistance of some professional event planners. There are several national event planning companies that can help organize your next corporate event, such as the folks at The Great Event (http://thegreatevent.com) or All Time Favorites (http://alltimefavorites.com).

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