Welcome to “fitting all the pieces together”. This site is a portfolio website. Everything gathered throughout several years is stored in this website. A variety of technologies are deployed here, WordPress Website Templates, Adsense® in A Box, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), FTC compliance, Project Management flowchart with sample generic templates in .pdf format, Google® Trends and a Clickbank® Mall.

There are a variety of different freeware software on the Information Technology main page. These are technologies used within this website. Currently they are all in their “out of the box” templates. Part of "why" these are installed is the ability to "play" with them to see if they can satisfy specific needs.

Under Internet Presence you can find 48 WordPress Templates with Amazon® Affiliate Links to what are known as article monetized websites. One of the templates, the Affiliate Marketing website is a Clickbank® Affiliate Mall, also monetized with Google® Adsense. Several of the website type niches are all pointing to a sister website Online Internet Marketing (OnlineIM). OnlineIM is a CSS/HTML website focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This entire website is actually built as a "Multi-Site" WordPress Blog. This means that almost all of the various Word Press Templates are all stored in one database. The only website needing it's own database was the Clickbank® Affiliate Mall. There is a plugin used that will not work on a multisite. Basically what this means is that you can own one domain name and create what are known as sub-domains without having to purchase separate domain names for each topic.

Feel free to bookmark or subscribe to the RSS feed to this site because there will be more topics and more software added over time.

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