Niche Topics

There is a mixture of "Private Label Rights" and "Master Reseller Rights" within this list of niche topics.

"Private Label Rights" are, in this case based on an Instant AdSense® Templates license agreement Copyright (C) 2006 by Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund - All rights reserved worldwide.

All materials in the Instant AdSense® Templates product are for my personal use ONLY, with the exception of the Private Label Reports as specified. (Currently I only have the AdSense® Templates that are for my own personal use).

I can not give away this product, any component contained in it, or any material derived from it.
I can not resell this product, any component contained in it, or any material derived from it.
I may not extract content or any other material from this product to sell separately.
I do have private label rights to modify the product in any way for my OWN use.

I have modified these Templates in a few different ways. I have changed these templates from Google® Adsense® content sites to Amazon® Affiliate content sites. I have added a link just above the "Home" link in the right hand column for customers to return to this niche market page from the specific niche topic WordPress® theme. I also commented out the "Categories" and "Metadata" section below the "Archives" section in the right hand column. I will be promoting these various niche topics using a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes.

This site and the various niche topic sites are each their "own" website, meaning they each have their own individual WordPress ® theme. This is accomplished by creating a Multi-Site WordPress ® blog. A Multi-Site WordPress ® blog allows for all websites to be housed within one domain name using sub-domains with all data stored in one database.

These links are identified by "*" at the end of the link.

There is one link requiring the need to add an additional install of a second WordPress® blog. This was necessary in order to add a WordPress® plugin that is not compatible with a Multi-Site WordPress® blog. This link shows a product which comes with "Master Resell Rights". The links within the sales page are to HTML/CSS website pages monetized with Adsense®.

This link is identified by "**" at the end of the link.

There also a few links that link to a sister site, which is focused mainly on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

These links are identified by "***" at the end of the link.

One link sends you to a Clickbank® Mall. Clickbank® is one of the most popular Affiliate Programs in the world. What you see when you click on this link is a Clickbank® Mall that is actually a product available for purchase at Clickbank®.

This link is identified as "****"

Accounting *
Adsense® In A Box **
Affiliate Marketing ****
Airlines *
Area Rugs *

Batteries *
Bicycles *

Car Tires *
Catering *
Celebrities *
Christmas *
Computer Memory *
Consultants *
Cosmetics *
Currency Trading *

Degrees *
Depression *
Diamonds *

Engineering *
Event Planning *

Furniture *

Gifts *

Home Appliances *
Home Security *
Horses *

Industrial Equipment *

Landscaping *
Laptops *
Lobsters *

Motorcycles *
Moving Relocation *

Nursing *

Photography *
Plasma Television *

Restaurants *
Ringtones *

Scuba Diving *
SEO ***
Sewing *
Surfing *

Theme Parks *
Tickets *
Translation *

Vacuum Cleaners *

Web Design ***
Watches *
Web Development ***
Web Hosting ***
Website Traffic ***
Wheelchairs *
Wine *

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